Rainwater Harvesting

We are proud to offer Rain Water Reclamation Systems to our clients.

What are Rainwater Reclamation Systems for?
  • Collection and storage of rainwater to irrigate your property.
Why Conserve Water?

Water is essential to our survival and our supplies are increasingly threatened due to these factors:

  • Population growth leads to an increase in water usage
  • The effects of climate change such as drought
  • The cost to construct new water infrastructure like dams is prohibitive
Rainwater Harvesting Benefits Man and the Environment including:
  • Reduce the demand on public utilities and ground water gallon by gallon
  • Save on your water bill!
  • Rainwater can be used to irrigate outdoor plants or for indoor purposes
  • Results in reduced energy consumption and less carbon emissions

An example of a Rainwater Harvesting System.

How Do Rainwater Irrigation Systems Work?
  • Rainwater is collected from the roof gutters, patios, driveways. Air conditioning condensation and other sources are useable also.
  • Rainwater is captured and diverted into underground pipes.
  • The pipes flow into an underground cistern which acts like a well, storing the water for future usage.
  • The harvested rainwater is used to irrigate the property.
  • This reduces over-all energy consumption, the demand on public utilities, and the strain on natural resources
See the Installation Process:
Want to know if a Rainwater Harvesting System is right for your home or business?
  • Click here to run some calculations for potential collection