About Us

A World Class Landscape Company

D’Alessandro Landscape, Inc.

Through the years our business has expanded to all of Palm Beach County, and we now operate out of Jupiter Florida.

We have grown into a first class landscape design and installation contractor, also specializing in many other aspects of the outdoor living experience. Some such services we offer include: structural bamboo fencing and gates, shade structures, outdoor molding and trim.


Serving South Florida since 1951

D’Alessandro Landscape has been a family owned company since 1951 started by Anthony D’Alessandro.

It was started as a private gardening business for large estates on the island of Palm Beach.

4 generations later the company is owned by Tom D’Alessandro. The practices of gardening are being introduced back into the landscape industry placing a emphasis on the proper methods of plant care.

D’Alessandro Landscape, Inc. takes pride in quality; This is not a mow and blow company!

Our Goals

To continue in providing visually spectacular and consistently high-quality custom work

We are passionate about the green way of living and having a low impact on our natural environment.

In support of this ideal, we use traditional gardening methods as often as possible with close attention to detail and plant care. We choose to perform tasks carefully by hand instead of with machinery.

We also design and install rainwater harvesting systems and state of the art irrigation systems.